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Steampunk BJD

Pics of BJD dolls in steampunk style. Here are some photos from different authors. Their dolls are in cistumes in steampunk style or even modificated to robots. I lov them all.

Like clockwork (The Jester - AOD Gu, The Doll - DIM MNM hybrid) by MadamMauMau

The world of yesterday's future (Storm in Steampunk) by evie the kid

~Steampunk Airship Captain~ by Mich

~::WANTED!::~ Batiste (Leeke Mihael mod)& Satine (MNF DES) by ClockworkAngel

~Bloody Valentine~ (CP Atlack Nacha El) by Izam

~*Little Miss Steampunk*~*Seola*~Dollstown*~More pics Added*~ by xen

~*Travel North*~*Elysia*~Dollstown*~

~*Joining The Steampunk Team*~*Lucille*~Dollstown*~

~*Charlston days*~*AiL Chloe/Dollstown*~20's Style*~

~* Steampunk Automaton *~ [Mythdoll Leroi Snow - Heavy painting, modded] by Doll-Mage

{Withering Roses} --- [Volks SD Nono & SD13 Syo]

[[ .:: Time x Thief ::. ]] [[ Spade/ Lishe Boy ]]by Mortelle

[Steamed Punk] o [Hayden; Migidoll Ryu] by hiritai

~ Steampunk ~by Eglantine

[ 'Freedom to live' ] - (Retto//UNOA L-bi) by noi

Volks Tae and her Gentleman (DIM Robel) by Marilyn in NY

Steampunk? MSDoll and Volks Cristal

Theo Finds the Dingbot (Pipos Ron/Mad Hatter)

The Sleepy Hollow Project (JD Minimee) Mild Gore! by Luckyl

Steampunk Queenie Express (Pipos Red Queen & Bambicrony Inez + Friends)

http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a48/venada/balloon2.jpg" />

Steamy couple (Volks Anais and Migidoll Ryu in Steampunk) by bauhausfrau

Steampunk girls V.2.0 -Soah-ED& Ashley FL- by Proserpine

Steampunk girls (katie,Souldoll-Odelia DIM)

Steampunk for FDQ: Adventuress in 1880s San Francisco (Volks SD13 Emma) by Kellyhime

Steampunk craziness for Doll Reader by brighnasa

Steampunk Foreshadowing (Pixydoll SEVY) by armeleia

Vintage automaton with steam-powered wings (CH Hanael)

Searching for love. Part 1 (Dollshe OE Saint, Dollmore Lingerie III Lisa Rubik)

Mechanical Pygmalion (Fdoll Steampunk mod, Batchix Machina) by TheFontBandit

Like Clockwork (FDoll Victor - Steampunk Cyborg Mod)

Little Steambug (Clover: Littlefee Pipi Girl) by Akkhima